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Floods represent the largest natural disaster in the United States. Damages from floods account for $8.2 billion and 89 fatalities a year. This page is designed to assist you in managing your flood risk and living through a crisis event.
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About the Montana Silver Jackets Program

The Montana Silver Jackets Program provides a formal and consistent strategy for an interagency approach to planning and implementing measures to reduce the risks associated with flooding and other natural hazards in the State of Montana.

Federal and state agencies are working together to enhance intergovernmental partnerships resulting in comprehensive and sustainable solutions to Montana state flood risk hazards.

Silver Jackets

The Silver Jackets are collaborative state-led interagency teams, continuously working together to reduce flood risk at the state level. Through the Silver Jackets program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, additional federal, state and sometimes local and Tribal agencies provide a unified approach to addressing a state’s priorities. Often, no single agency has the complete solution, but each may have one or more pieces to contribute. The Silver Jackets team is the forum where all relevant agencies come together with the state to collaboratively plan and implement that interagency solution. Through partnerships, Silver Jackets optimizes the multi-agency utilization of federal resources by leveraging state/ local/ Tribal resources, including data/information, talent and funding, and preventing duplication of effort.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers responds to evaluate flood-damaged infrastructure.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers responds to evaluate flood-damaged infrastructure.


The Silver Jackets program's primary goals are:

  • Facilitate strategic life-cycle flood risk reduction,
  • Create or supplement a continuous mechanism to collaboratively solve state-prioritized issues and implement or recommend those solutions,
  • Improve processes, identifying and resolving gaps and counteractive programs,
  • Leverage and optimize resources,
  • Improve and increase flood risk communication and present a unified interagency message, and
  • Establish close relationships to facilitate integrated post-disaster recovery solutions.

Questions about this website?

Traci Sears, CFM
NFIP/CAP Coordinator
Montana Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 406-444-6654


Tony D. Krause, P.E., CFM
Flood Risk and Floodplain Management
USACE Omaha District
Phone: 402-995-2326


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